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Treasury Talent interviews Earlytrade CEO Guy Saxelby and Head of Treasury Sam MacPherson
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Sydney, 29 October 2019:
Tune in to hear Earlytrade CEO, Guy Saxelby, and Head of Treasury, Sam MacPherson, discuss working capital management for responsible corporates on the Treasury Talent podcast. They also share their career highlights, advice for young Treasury professionals and the art of building strong relationships.
Podcast Content
06:20 Earlytrade Overview
10:15 Benefits for small suppliers & large corporates
15:55 Not reverse factoring
19:00 Career highlights, tips & hiring good talent
25:25 Mentoring & networking relationships
30:35 The future of Treasury & the role of technology
About The Treasury Talent Podcast
The Treasury Talent Podcast aims to share the wealth of knowledge within the treasury and finance community and inspire diversity. We live and breath everything that goes on in the world of treasury and are always on the look for fascinating people who can share their experience, thoughts and future predictions. We speak to treasurers, CFO’s, Analysts and thought leaders all around the world who have a story to tell and have a passion for this wild and risky side of business. The show is presented by Simon Lynch, who is known to have helped treasury professionals build successful teams by providing insight, value & knowledge within the treasury community. Simon partners treasury talent at all levels from treasurer to analysts in Australia, Asia & the US. He advises & provides deep insights to ensure that both Treasury departments & the talent are an ideal and perfect match.