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Lion re-signs Earlytrade to secure ethical working capital for suppliers to 2024
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Food and beverage company Lion has renewed its partnership with ethical supply chain technology provider Earlytrade for an additional three years.
Earlytrade Co-founder & CEO Guy Saxelby said the Lion renewal provided their suppliers with confidence that fair and flexible working capital alternatives to bank loans would be available for the long-term.
The partnership will also enable Lion to maintain its industry-leading payment practices with 95 percent of its suppliers currently on payment terms of 30-days or less.
Earlytrade initially signed with Lion in 2017 to provide an ethical early payments marketplace for its food and beverage supply chain.
The B2B fintech has since expanded its customer base to become Australia and New Zealand’s ethical supply chain network of choice across multiple sectors including beer and liquor, industrial waste management, supermarkets, and construction.
About Earlytrade
Earlytrade is an Australia supply chain technology company founded in 2016, that provides a diverse portfolio of products to help match the working capital needs of companies with trading relationships.
Earlytrade own and run Australia and New Zealand’s largest early payment marketplace with more than 50,000 participating businesses.